Page Length control


Does anyone knows if there’s a better way to control the page length,
e.g. by entering a value instead of dragging down the button at bottom of the page
(see screenshot) ?

There are two options… I’ve learned this recently from Duncan.

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Reading quickly, I thought of that first, too. But he is concerned with the other direction. The page should be extended downwards to insert content (I assume).

And I think that really only works by dragging the bar down.

Mr. F.

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Double clicking the button, instead of dragging, works to lengthen and shorten the page to a fixed distance from the lowest element.

Careful, though, page length adjustment can alter Popups and (may surprisingly!) expose hidden elements depending on specific settings (e.g., Follow footer). (Writing as one with too much experience on this one :smile_cat:.)


That is the only solution @wolfferine for now.


I agree with parts of @PPEmail . The layout blocks still have some side effects in terms of page length.

I was adjusting a page (smartphone layout) that has layout blocks. I had to extend two blocks to insert text. I used CMD and click/drag to move all the blocks below down and then bring them back up to fit.

Logically, the end of the page was no longer fitting. With Control CMD F I changed this page. But the page end was now shifted on all mobile pages, which I had to adjust again all individually. This is annoying.

There should be a way to select all pages and then apply this command to all of them.

Mr. F.

@Mr_Fozzie , @o4n , @PPEmail , @FlaminFig

Thanks for your suggestions/replies, but it’s not exactly what i am looking for. Let me try to clarify:
I have a (little try out) project, where i a want a page to a have a specific length (right from the start). So when creating a new (blank) page, on my system, the length is always 1439px, but i need it to be 12000px, and the only way to make it is to add/insert a content (box/textbox/image), than drag the page button to increase the page length, and move the object to the bottom, it may be necessary to do this a couple of times until you have reached the desired length :frowning:

It would be much easier if you could just type the desired page length somewhere so in increases it instantly.

Hope i am making sense :crazy_face:

@wolfferine, That is the reason behind my response.
There is no manual pre-input page length. The elements you introduce to the page makes the page grow longer, or by you placing elements like you have explained above.

@FlaminFig understood :slight_smile:

So basically there’s currently no option for that.
I wonder how many users find themselves wanting to be able increase the page length in one go?

If there are ppl wanting this we could added to the requested (future) features :grin:

I’m sure it has been noted because it has been talked about and requested several times now…

But what is the difference between building out a page, creating the page length, and pre-determining the page length which would be guesswork at best unless you have something specifically that you are copying across into Sparkle?..

A little more difficult than it sounded initially. Sorry for my too cursory read.

Perhaps a work around:

  1. Set up one page of the required length.
  2. Add a (hidden?) object near 12000px.
  3. Toggle the object’s Visability to “Show on all pages (or in section)”.
  4. New pages (or in the section) will expand to the required length due to the object at that location.

I did a quick test; it seemed to work (but of course “Show All” expanded existing pages too). Perhaps this method would this be easier than dragging every page?? FWIW…

There is no difference.
But it would be much faster if there is a field where you can input the page length.
I’m a technical drawer and if there were no chance to input the length of a construction line with numbers but just per dragging it were awful.

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Thank you @saber1 , that’s exactly what i would like!

It would be good if you notify us about bugs you find in Sparkle, so that we can fix them.

Thanks for all the contributions. I think there’s two kinds of needs when wanting to extend the page length, please correct or add if you think there’s some other need:

  • one is wanting to make space to work on the page, text editing already supports this, in that the page will become longer automatically if text doesn’t fit; we still need to make this work better with text boxes inside layout blocks, but the idea is this is going to be automatic when possible
  • the other is wanting a print design style of website building, so everything is fixed and predictable

This second aspect is related to another request for vertical layout, in the form of horizontal rulers/guidelines.

The problem with this is vertical layout has never been 100% predictable, there are some Sparkle elements that are inherently not vertically fixed in size, and those are inevitably going to increase.

Some examples, current or future:

  • the ecwid product browser has a vertical size that varies based on the contents (which are edited out of Sparkle)
  • an embed block set to expand vertically, with external content that varies in size
  • a (future) layout block set to a size that’s equal to the browser height, or proportional to the browser width (to preserve an image or video aspect ratio)
  • a (future) text block with a setting to resize or scale based on factors that aren’t predictable at design time, in the canvas

All these end up changing the height of the page.

So setting a vertical size of 12000 pixels (or whatever) is only a valid position in a specific browser width and moment in time.

There is a tension between an expectation of consistency and stability, and the reality of the web medium. While we do try to ease the pain and sand off the rough edges, there are some thing that just can’t be addressed differently than what is normal in the web.

On the other hand the excess clicking around in Sparkle is definitely something we can, want to and will address.


Duncan, would it be an idea to create a special community section solely dedicated to bug report?
Or do you prefer to have it reported via the support feedback mail address?

That’s what i currently doing/using as a work around :slight_smile:

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Great reply Duncan!

That’s basically what i would like/hope see happening (also regarding increasing the page lenght) and something about a ruler horizontal/vertical would be welcome)

Since nobody in the community can really help finding a solution anyway, email is much better for our workflow.

That’s understandable!
But (imho) having a category for bugs

  • would avoid multiple emails send to feedback/support about the same bug.

  • and the most knowledgeable ppl in the community would be available to provide feedback,
    like confirming the bug (and provide a possible work around until you have fixed it)