Page not on menu bar

when I select the menu bar and look on the toolbar to the right under “Menu” in the list of pages, the last page is grayed out/not on the menu and I can’t add it to the menu bar even though auto add pages is selected.

Sparkle will not add items that won’t fit. You can make the menu narrower, edit the text of each item to contain fewer words, change the text size, or any combination of these.

In 1956 George Miller published results of his research on our capacity to process information in short term memory. This is most often referenced as the inability to handle more than 5-7 pieces of information for more than 15-30 seconds.

So back to the menu, you should not overwhelm your site visitors with more than say 6 menu options, you should actually work hard to curate them and provide options that are clearly distinct and easy to decide on.

Of course each option can then be a sub-menu, or an intermediate “routing” page, again with a similar choice restriction.

With all that in mind, on the desktop device it should be easy enough to fit 6 item. And if space is an issue you can use submenus and the hamburger menu.


Thanks, that’s what i had, six items. I deleted the old menu, added a new and was able to add all my pages.