Pages get long and the footer repositions to the middle

I upgraded to the latest version today, and have been working on the formatting of my menu. After doing a few adjustments, I find the page lengths of all my pages have tripled and the footer elements are somewhere in the middle of the blank section. I shortened all the pages and repositioned the footer, and after a few minutes, the same thing happened. I have the footer set to show on all pages and to move with page bottom.

Hey @Poodleman, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Could we ask if you have used a Sparkle Layout Block for your footer?
If not I would go to the page where you first introduced your footer area and untick Show On All Pages and Move With Page Bottom. Save your document, and then reintroduce Show On All Pages and Move With Page Bottom.

You will most likely need to adjust the footer on all your pages because not all pages will be the same height.


Large empty areas on the page where the footer seems to stick can be an indication that there are invisible elements.

These can be popups, for example, or elements that are associated with only one device. They may be invisible, but they are there.

At the top left is the little eye that lets you show or hide that.

Mr. F.

Thank you! I did not use a layout block, but the footer was consistent page to page until yesterday. Then suddenly it fixed itself, and I have no idea why.

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For some reason it fixed itself and so I have no idea if this might have been the case. Based on the totally inconsistent page-to-page behavior, I am not sure, but if it comes up again I will certainly check this. Thanks.