Paste copied LAYOUT-BLOC in a new page BELOW the last bloc?

I prepared the layout of mi web in a few template-pages with several
“standard-layoutblocs” y want to use in all the pages. (like templates)

Question: is there a elegant way to paste an layout-bloc y have copied from an other page
in a new one, BELOW the last layoutbloc of this page. I do not want that the new one moves some of the existing ones, just seamlessly come as last one.

would be glad to know if it is possible to bloc the position of layout-blocs ?
(proposal): would be fine if we could give template-blocs a name… (A, B, C, D, E…)
…and then at the page we are making just give a command: “insert bloc Type E”

until now I am doing it this way:

  1. I measure at what vertical position I want to insert a bloc (ex. 4850pix)
  2. copy the layout-bloc from the templates-page
  3. paste the bloc in a large empty page
  4. adjust its position (example at: 4850pix)
  5. ctrl-x (cut out) the bloc
  6. insert in the page I am constructing (comes at 4850pix-position)

does nobody have a hint here ?

I get what you are trying to do but for me this sounds really messy in creating a website in Sparkle.

If I bring a group of elements across from another project document (a Bloc in your case) I click where in the page I want to paste it and go from there.

ok, I see. Of course it is perfectly posible to build a Sparkle-website improvising every new bloc. or just do one and adjust it for any device, then copy to go on.
But we have several designs for several sections of the website.
So we want to work in the same way you work for example in Adobe INDESIGN where you can have several master-pages…

still want to know if it is possible to block layout-blocs in their position?
and if I can paste one at a given location ?

thank you

Right, I see what you are trying to achieve…
@luciandesign has a fantastic example of this working and for sale.

I myself have played with it in a similar fashion using “Sections”, but in the end I realised it was far too complicated for the average User to understand. In the end Sparkle hasn’t taken the angle you are trying to achieve into consideration and I get why.

With my template building for Sparkle I’m working within the confines of the Sparkle platform! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much FlaminFig , I’ll send my done website in a few days…

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