Payment via Paypal

Hello Sparkl gurus,
I am starting to understand the software better and better but still encounter a little problem with the payment option via Paypal.
I have a website where people can order and pay for tickets to a concert. The procedure I have in mind: People give their email address, choose a date for the concert, choose how many tickets they want and then can pay via the paypal method. One then receives a confirmation email that they can redeem at the box office for a program booklet. I got to work.
I watched the Sparkle video about payments, choosing numbers and calculating the sum to be paid.
It was easy and it works.
Only: suppose I want 4 tickets, how do I get paypal to take the number of 4 and charge the corresponding sum. And that also the date of the concert is reflected in the paypal data. Is it also possible to make paypal take over the email address entered in Sparkl so that this data is preserved? Can an email be sent directly and automatically) from Sparkl confirming that one has bought.
Should a script be written? Is there a video of this or an example?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Rob,
If I were you, I’d not try this myself but utilize another website that is made for selling tickets such as the one linked above.
There are a ton of such sites out there; just google them. Another good one is
Once you are set up with the platform of your choice just link to it from your Sparkle site.

Why not using something that is sparkle approved?
I haven’t tested it yet, but Sparkle is mentioning Snipcart, looks actually not bad.

I would reather use a self hosted solution. SAAS solutions will be simple to implement, but on the long side you will have more costs.

You can have a look at, if I remember correctly they offer a ticketing system.

They make software written in PHP, and you will need a designated system for your application case.

Thanks for the idea of phpjabbers. That looks good and have purchased this.
Only now I seem to have a problem because it seems that the php code I generate with phpjabbers, cannot be placed in a sparkl website.
Or do you guys know a solution to this?

I won’t be happy if I can’t use it.


Hi, I have not have any problems with embedding external php code and sparkle so far.

Have you changed the site extension to .php after you embedded the script?

You have to use a webhost with php support to run the script. So preview in sparkle does not work.

And you have to make sure that your hosting uses the correct php version to run the application.

Depending on your webhost you can change the settings for the php version, maybe phpjabbers will need php 8.

Hi Rob, have you solved the issue, I’m looking for this kind of stuff.