Performance sparkle Website and other theme

first - thanks for the fast answers to my question!

Now I have 4 Themes on top. Hope it´s not too much and you can help me.

Theme 1:
About website load at startup.

How can I fix the problem, when the page loading at the start, there put´s graphic by graphic at the beginning (for a very short time - but it looks for me not so nice).

How can I change this (=load the complete designed picture)?

Theme 2:
About Videos performance/quality

  • What’s actually the best combination for good performing/quality?
    Should I give sparkle/web my video via YouTube or load from my desktop via sparkle… or …or …or?
    “Bed in” Sparkle Raster or pice by pice?

I want to create:

  • a Hero Video
  • one page on my website with live videos (from my desktop or my YouTube channel), whats the best/fast performance, when I “bed in” more Videos on this one page? Can I do both on one page?

Theme 3:
About animation

What’s the best way to but short videos and animations with sparkle on my page
I want to put gif and svg on the Page, but I can’t see anything.

Theme 4:
Problem with coloring with sparkle

What I do wrong.
From time to time it chances the color (of body, of coloring graphic, contrast, lines …) it´s one?
What the hell is going wrong? Hope you can help me (cause finallysize / upload my webpage)

Greets going out!


Taking your questions one by one:

Loading Issue: Loading times vary depending upon connection speed and whether or not someone has visited the site previously (caching). Sparkle optimises your image content, and does a very good job, so there is little else that Sparkle can do to help load times further.

Video Performance: If your video content isn’t too heavy, and your hosting company allows sufficient bandwidth, I would favour hosting your own video content. This means you don’t have external links to video sharing sites, and the potential of the sites serving up additional content or advertising during or at the end of your video. Hosting your own video content also allows you to optimise for the web. By using tools like the free Handbrake application, you can get very good compression as well has add fast decode options to your videos. The exception to this general rule is if you have a paid account with a video streaming platform. Using such an account usually removes the platform’s, branding, advertising and video recommendations.

Hero Video: This is definitely where you need to host the video yourself. The ideal video length should be about 5 - 10 seconds and should be no more than about10mb in size. Clearly, you won’t want a soundtrack and the video should be suitable for looping. Again, free tools such as Handbrake will help you optimise for the web. HERE is an example of a hero video in a webpage. Its size is 7.6 mb, so well within the spec.

Animation: Sparkle gives you a range of tools to animate your page content, However, if you want to add small gifs, these can be added via the image box. The same is true of SVG graphics, These can be added to the page just like any other image file. If you can use the free CapCut video editor, you can create small video files to add to your page. These can be set to autotrun (as long as you don’t add audio tracks), and can be made with the same background colour as your web page. this makes them look like part of your web page. All you have to do is to add them to your page without player controls. You can see an example HERE.

Colouring in Sparkle: There should be no problems with creating accurate colours in Sparkle. You can add hex codes into the colour picker to ensure consistency. Certainly, there is nothing within Sparkle that will change the colour to anything other than the colours you specify. Maybe if you can be more specific about the issue you’re facing - maybe with an example, we can better understand what the problem may be.

Hi Sylvia ! I tend to use Vimeo for hosting all of my video content. It offers a tool to end with a black screen and show no other content, unlike YouTube, where you have no idea what they may send you next, and. you are powerless to prevent it. Yes, I do pay Vimeo $80 a year to have enough storage, but I feel their tools are well worth the cost.

As Francbrowne mentions here, it’s a good idea to have the free video app Handbrake to knock down the file size of your videos. It’s super simple to use…just drag and drop. It gives you many choices of output size, all in mp4 format. And it works very fast.