PHP8 compliance

Has anyone else tried PHP 8.0

I’m very surprised to find that my ‘thank you for sending an email page’ cannot be found if I run under PHP 8.0 as Sparkle automatically asserts the page to have the php extension and I get a 404 returned!

Not aware of any issue with PHP 8. The server error log might help understanding what the server configuration issue is.

Which log do you want to see as servers are not my thing!
Not sure why the thank you page is automatically given the php extension either?
Tried this again and PHP 8.0 certainly provokes this error for me.

I suggest you get the web host to look at the issue.

OK, but in the meantime when I select the thank you page (originally html) from the ‘send mail’ button, why does Sparkle force the page to be a .php type rather than leave it as the simple html page that it was?