Pixel distances between objects

Just discovered Sparkle today… seriously awesome tool. I’m hooked and will take the plunge. One thing I am trying to figure out (I am not a developer or web designer) is if there’s a way to see how many pixels are between any two items… does anyone know if there’s a way to show those distances? not a big deal if not. thx!

edit: (one more question) Does a snap feature exist between objects/container boundaries?

Hi @once_elevenses,

actually the Sparkle canvas doesn’t currently have a way to measure distances, but we should definitely add it.

The snap does exist and is automatic (green lines show up when snapping).

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Thanks for your reply @duncan! Well noted on the green lines that indicate snapping. Just bought the pro license today and excited to dig in! :grin:

Looking forward to seeing your first project!
Please share it here.