Plug-in messenger

Hi everyone,
How are you doing?
I tried to embedded the plug in to have the chat Facebook messenger on my website but doesn’t work.
I used this Facebook guide to generate the code but I don’t know how can it works.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day

Hi @Mardar91

I looks like you have done everything correctly.
I’m wondering if you have unticked “Activate After Consent”? which you will find under the Embedded Content container on the right hand panel once you have clicked on the embed container.

Hi greenskin,
Thank you for your replay.

Yes I tried also with unticked “active after consent” but still doesn’t work…

@Mardar91, Oh ok…
So maybe the other thing could be… the Facebook chat will only appear on your website when you are logged out

Thank you guys now works :slight_smile: !! It was just in Facebook you should add your website domain with and

So thanks have a nice day

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