Pop-up Gallery questions

Still working on porting my portfolio site to Sparkle. Have most of it done, but still have a couple more questions on the popup gallery. You can see my Sparkle site at jeffreysterndesign.com/test. The galleries are in the portfolio section—just click on any of the icons in that section. My questions are:

  1. Is there anyway when you’re in one popup gallery that after you look at the slides you could have a button to bring up the next gallery without having to first close the one you’re looking at. You can see what I’m looking for by going to the same section of the site on the main page of the site (jeffreysterndesign.com) and where I have Next and Previous Category.
  2. The other question has to do with the use of labels. I used the label to show a count of the slides/images…1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc. In Muse, where the main site was created, the gallery had a counter to do this. I did it in Sparkle manually. Anyway to do that automatically?

And a responsive question. When I do the 320px version of the site, I plan to drop the popups and just show some samples. How do I delete the current icons I have in the small device setup without having them delete for the other sizes? Do I first have to uncheck or check show on this device?


@jfreestern, Ok, let me see if I can help you out…

  • I have never tried this but from my experience in using the gallery in a popup window I would say it isn’t possible for now. One image gallery per popup trigger.
  • Mmmm… I don’t think so.

You are on the right track. If you delete anything on the 320 then it will also be deleted from the other devices. So yes, click on the unwanted element in your 320 device and then uncheck “Show on this device” so it will not show on the 320. If you add something in your 320 then you need to go to your other device(s) click on the element and uncheck “Show on this device” so they don’t make appearances in those devices.

Thanks. Figured as much with the pop ups.

With regard to the responsive stuff, if I need to resize things in the 320 device size how does that affect the other sizes. Does the show or not show on device work the same? Or is it easier to just paste a new instance of an image or text block?

@jfreestern, you can resize your elements per device independently of one another… So for example if you had 600x600 image element on the desktop device you can have that same image element on your mobile device set to 300x300 without it affecting your desktop device.