Pop up on zoomed Image only

I have a lot of pictures that “zoom in Lightbox” (which is great).
Is it possible to create a pop up with names or comment that only opens on the zoomed image?
(I know I could instead of zoom image in lightbox link it to another page with a zoomed pict that include names or comments, but that would not give the same result.)

Sorry I’m not sure what you want to be able to do, could you try explaining again?

with names or comment

Meaning with some text in it?

that only opens on the zoomed image

“On” as visually overlaid? Or meaning when the image is clicked?

I mean all these are a yes, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Thank you Duncan for trying to help, and sorry for not being clear.
The ideal situation would be:
What works great: Click on a small image enlarges it thanks to the Zoom in Lightbox feature.
What I would like to do now:
On the enlarged (zoomed) image, one should have the opportunity to get more information (text only) about this image, either by clicking on the image (which usually closes the zoomed image) or on a small button on the image.
I just couldn’t find a way to “manipulate” the zoomed image.
Another (less elegant) possibility would be that the information text automatically appears on the zoomed picture only.
I hope, I could express myself more clearly now. Thanks.

You can achieve the popup + text by using a popup. What can’t really be achieved currently is clicking within the image inside the popup to make the text appear.

Thanks Duncan, I will try that and see how it looks.