Popups Not Popping Up

I’m trying to use popups on one of my blog pages. The page has images, which when clicked are supposed to open a popup with related text. This setup works perfect in Preview but not on my published site findtruth.ca

Can we see the settings you’ve used in the right hand side panel for the button and the popup?

Here is the popup settings.

Here is the button settings.

Hi @mistersurefire, this all looks good, but can you also send the settings for the Hiliary Clinton image which is your button to open the popup. You could also upload the sparkle file if you want so we can take a better look in it’s entirety if you’re OK with that.

Hi @scoutdesign.

Here is Hillary image setting.

The action to open your Popup is based on javascript.
Have you introduces any other source of javascript that might be interfering with Sparkle’s javascript?
Maybe you have a setting enacted that is blocking javascript?

Maybe remove everything off your hosting server and then re-publish?

Hi @FlaminFig . I’ll try republishing. Thanks.

Republish did not solve the issue.