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(it was discussed here several years ago, but never solved)
I don’t want Edge nor Chrome nor Brave on my Mac, but I have Chromium and Vivaldi and now Orion.
Why isn’t it possible that Sparkle sees all the browsers you have in your App folder and let you choose from all of them in which ones you would like to preview?
Or at least Chromium should be in the list, as it is the “mother” of a lot of browsers.
Reason: An Edge/Windows user told me that some formatting (pictures in text) were messed up. I checked in Firefox and Safari and couldn’t see any problem. But in Chromium i finally found what he meant and could correct it.

You can preview your creation in any browsers, some of the important ones are pre setup in the app.

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This is a tuffy! But like @MiWe mentions you can use any browser on your Mac to Preview your Sparkle website. You just have to use the Preview Server Address in your browser of choosing and maybe pin it so whenever you open your preferred browser you have a tab dedicated to Sparkle Preview.

Just on a side note, I went and checked out Orion and whoever put it together has made a bit of a mess as it doesn’t show correctly in Safari. On that basis I would not trust it for testing. Oh and then I realised another Orion browser by Kagi (I think you are talking about this one) which again doesn’t work to well on mobile.

In the end the main browsers is what people use (whether that is wrong or right) so it is best to also test in those browsers. To be honest with you, nothing is safe on the web no matter what is said!

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I believe if you use Sparkle’s preset preview Browsers, you have covered the majority.

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Thank you Michael and Hendrik for you replies. I agree that nothing is really safe on the internet, but if possible I don’t connect to Google (I use ungoogled Chromium) and Microsoft is known to be … you know what I mean.
I haven’t used the Kagi Orion extensively yet, so it’s still on the back burner. What I would really like to see is a direct preview connection to Chromium.
I read the manual about Preview, but didn’t really get what I have to do, to e.g. activate preview on other browsers (other than the iPhone via QR code). I tried it, but couldn’t get it to work. Can you help me with a step by step information, please. Thank you both again!

Just open the preview in Safari, then copy/paste the address over to your preferred browser. Generally http://localhost:14444 works fine.

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Thanks Duncan – super easy! Works fine.