Privacy Policy page in setting

Hi everyone,

Little bit stuck here, As per my screen shot, I already have a page for “Privacy” but trying to replace it with Sparkle Privacy Policy page to get the banner with the “accept” button.
Can someone guide me into the steps to do this?

You can only use the built-in, Sparkle generated page for the privacy policy. So you will need to copy all the content from your own page and paste it into the Sparkle generated one.

Hi Duncan,
Thanks. How can I replace my own privacy page, and position the Sparkle generated privacy policy page at the exact same position in the navigation bar? I’ve been trying a few thing without success.

There’s no special way to do that…

  • move the content over to Sparkle’s privacy page
  • add a menu item for the privacy page
  • drag and drop the menu item in place, in the menu settings inspector

Hi Duncan and members,
In the inspector, as you see, it’s greyish … Still trying to figure this out … I could do a submenu, but I would rather have it like my privacy tab, as seen on my screen shot.

I’ll go back at it … Thx.

For the time being you will need to manually add an item to the menu for the privacy. We have made the privacy policy generated page not auto-add itself to the menu (and not changeable). We’ll think about this, but adding your item with the + button in the menu inspector is the way to go.

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@o4n, I know what you are saying but from a web design point of view the links for the privacy policy, disclaimer policy, terms & conditions, terms of use, etc… are customarily found in the footer of the websites page, never in the main navigation.

Regarding the Sparkle Privacy Policy popup, I’m aware this is more for covering how your site views end-users’ information and if you collect this information and what you do with it. It is a requirement by law for all EU websites, and even for other countries that engages EU citizens.

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