Problem page with password

Hi! great community

I create a site, one of pages is with password and dosen’t show all the images

user: tecnicos
pass: @123456

username and password are temporary only for purposes of showing the problem

By the looks of it, it could be an incomplete or incorrect publish. But it’s hard to say.

Are the files actually on the server? For example

Do you have access to the server logs? Maybe there’s something there.

Thank’s Mr Duncan for your time

The strange thing is that the logo is working fine and the other images are not! add different formats PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF and those images put the extension .php the site has 24 pages and I constantly make changes and only on this page I have that problem

Sorry but you haven’t answered my questions. Please do and we’ll look into it further.

I’m sorry, yes sir, I have access, would you like me to upload it to a specific place or right here?

Unfortunately the access logs won’t say much, the error logs probably would.

Is the image file in the images folder?

i have the acces_log file do you need it?

Maybe this is importan i’m testing Ventura 13 beta 5

yes but extensión .php

What about ficha-amolyte-292-1.php specifically?

if I disable protect with password everytinhig works perfect, just when activate de opción protect with password the logo is the only that works

So ficha-amolyte-292-1.php is not there.

Could you try renaming the page in Sparkle to something different? even just ayuda-tecnicos-2.php?

good morning from méxico!

i change the nama, delete ficha-amolyte-292-1.php and update a new image still the same error!

Please send the project file via to and we’ll take a look. I doubt it’s a Sparkle issue, it’s most likely a web host version.

Meanwhile also contact your web host and ask why for example produces a Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004] error message.

Mr Duncan the proyect is already send

thank’s for you patience and understand

I wonder if it is a SSL Certificate issue?..

No, password protection works fine with and without SSL.

The problem is a plain and simple php file on produces an error. It’s very clearly a web host configuration issue.

thank you so much Duncan and flaminfig for your efforts and comment
I am already in contact with my hosting services and they are investigating the problem
When I have an answer I will share it with you to see what the problem was

just for your info! the final project is already in a new host and everything works perfect!

the problem is the other host with the php

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