Problem with canvas not showing text with correct layout

Canvas is not showing text with correct layout. However, the preview version is perfectly laid out. See attachments. You can see my text settings for both sections are: Line height=1.2 and Space before = 10 px. This discrepancy obviously makes layout design tricky!

A few points to make. I have a 2020 iMac using Catalina and I only cater for desktop PCs/Macs; that is, I am not bothering (currently) about the view from tablets or phones. I have tried restarting Sparkle and restarting my Mac. Problem has, I think, only occurred since v3.0.3 update.

Any ideas?


Yes we are going to issue a 3.0.4 quickly for this.


Duncan, any idea when v3.0.4 will be issued? I am struggling with positioning of in-line objects while ‘Space before’ is not showing on the canvas.

We’ll release it "when it’s ready"™

(should be in the next couple days)

OK. Received the update, installed and all looks fine. Thank you Duncan.