Problem with layers and layout boxes (again)

Yesterday it was okay, now gradually everything goes haywire. The top of my site consists of two things: (1) a group consisting of the menu-buttons plus a paper tiger logo and (2) a layout block including a rectangle with background color, two buttons and a banner.

The banner (2) is visible on all pages and the menu (1) Is visible on the section (for every section somewhat different). No 1 is on top of no 2.

The preview in Safari (and the published site) show that the menu (1) is missing. So I thought: I should bring it to the front everywhere. That would be a quick fix. Nope.

The site only looks ok when I put the group with the menu (1) IN the banner layout block (2), but then the menu automatically becomes ‘visible on all pages’ and I can’t change that. It’s greyed out. Do you know how I can change that?

But… on some pages to my surprise the menu is IN the banner AND visible on just the one section. A big mystery to me. How can I get that in each section?

This takes so much time. And it shouldn’t have happened anyway, it worked great yesterday. And then Sparkle started rearranging layout blocks on its own again. Powerless I see them change positions until they are all on top of each other. I hate that. I went back to a earlier version but now I think something evil still lingers…

Hello, I can’t get along with the layout blocks either. Have also been struggling with them for ages recently as they seem to have a life of their own.
I then solved it by selecting the contents of each layout block and grouping them so that I can sort the order more easily. Then I copied the contents from the blocks and deleted them. This ended up being pretty quick and I could have saved myself the hours of fiddling with the blocks. This should then also solve your menu problem.
I hope this helps.

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Do you mean you deleted the blocks and pasted the content back without the blocks?

So in effect you don’t use blocks anymore?

Yes and yes :wink: I don’t use blocks anymore. Instead i put the content in groups.