Problem with "reset to"-data

It seems that Sparkle saves the intermediate steps in an inaccessible folder in the system.
Unfortunately, more and more hard disk space is being lost and I would like to delete the data.
It would be ideal if I could switch off the saving of the intermediate steps (for “reset to…”) completely – or at least delete them.

It looks as if the data is saved in the “ChunkStorage” folder. This is only accessible with the “DaisyDisk” program (protected and hidden by the system).
I need some help to work properly…

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Hi @galaxy, welcome.

What you describe is what macOS does, not Sparkle specifically. Any application that uses the “modern macOS application model” will do that, this includes for example Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote, Sketch, and many others.

To avoid that, one possibility is to disable auto-save, by turning off the “Ask to save changes” option in the desktop&dock section of the system preferences.

Hi Duncan,
Thank you very much for your quick response. It’s great that I got help so quickly - a very pleasant experience.
And thanks for the hint - after more searching on the net it seems to be a problem with either CarbonCopyCloner or TimeMachine. One of the two probably creates snapshots in the system - and the system unfortunately kepps them. Since I’ve been working a lot with Sparkle the last few days, this has wrongly created the association with Sparkle-files causing the difficulties.

Speaking of which: Thanks for this great program. Sparkle is absolutely marvoulous. I am a graphic designer in the print sector and have always avoided websites (because they seemed too complicated). Sparkle has completely changed that. It’s fun to work with and I will certainly do so.
Keep up the good work - a great concept and incredibly good software.