Problem with video buttons

When I make an “Offline compatible” version of a website, the video play button is not visible - on the High performance version (online) it works no problem.
I don’t like the play button in the center, so I declicked it.

In the image you see on top Offline mouse over the play button, then without mouse, underneath the two versions in High performance.
Is this a bug?
PS: newest Sparkleversion 3.1.5

@chrisMF, this has been discussed several times before. Viewing a Sparkle generated html website in Finder is a no no and will bring about errors and issues.

To get an accurate take on your generated website it is best to publish it online. I usually have the website going to a dev (development) folder until I’m finished with it and ready for launch.

Thanks for your reply, but that is NOT what I expected, as there are these two possibilities to save to disk. As I have a very slow internet connection I want to be able to watch a website from my computer (not online) and so far that worked well.
It’s the first time I’m running into a problem with the “Offline compatibility”. That’s why I wanted to post it. Why is there this possibility, if it doesn’t work?

Yes the buttons in the video player are independent of the offline compatible setting, and there currently is no fix for it unfortunately.

Thanks Duncan - That’s a pity. Now I have to make a copy (of an almost 600 MB site) and use the browser buttons for the offline version.
Are there more known differences, where the offline version cannot “deliver”?

Can’t think of any, I don’t think so.

Thanks, Duncan, hoping for the best :+1: