Problems Publishing -

Finally near the finish line (I hope) to publish website. However, encountered another problem - no doubt simple answer for the experienced but for my aching head - I haven’t a clue what to enter or click on next. Please help, see link below.


@Annette, Yes I know this part can become confusing because of how the hosting servers out there are configured…

Have you had a read over Duncan’s “How to” material? -
It gives a very detailed explanation plus it covers what you have shown in your screenshot.

@Greenskin, thank you. I have read the ‘how to material’. As per my screenshot, I don’t know what to select? I hovered over: public html_ but is this the right one to choose, hence am looking for an answer via the Sparkle community. I am using Siteground for hosting.



@Annette, Ok great…

All websites are published to and reside in the “public_html” folder.
Your screenshot shows “Publish to: /public_html”… so Sparkle will be publishing to that folder by you clicking the “Next” button.

Thanks again @greenskin…I realise a bit late to respond but I appreciate your help. Following your first response, I took the risk and clicked public_ html but received following error message:

Folks, I’ll revisit again later on today.


@Annette, I’m thinking two things…

  1. It doesn’t like “http” and you’ll need to get a SSL Certificate against your domain.
  2. Duncan mentions things like this (differing server configurations) and suggests to push on and click “Next”

I’m sure @duncan will come across this soon (your post) and offer further assistance - I might be on the wrong track… the hosting server I use never gives me any issues.

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The server configuration is different on different web hosts.

Go to the siteground control panel and look at the setup information for your domain, it should mention what folder the domain should live in. Once you have that you can navigate to the folder in that Sparkle screen.

@Annette Just a heads up, but I use siteground web hosting. A couple of things that may help…

  1. Download the welcome email for your hosting plan from siteground, if you have not already. In this text document you will find the information you need to publish.

  2. use ftp from Sparkle and not SFTP unless you had setup a SSH keys in MacOS

  3. use the address with a www in it such as

  4. Siteground can give you a free Lets encrypt certificate, it is installed from within the control panel.

  5. If you install a Lets Encrypt certificate then your web address will need to be changed to eg … in the publishing setup in Sparkle app (notice the extra ‘s’ on the http etc

Here is a publishing setup for site ground for one of my websites… I have erased the username for security reasons etc

Hope this information helps.


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Thank you all for your support. I will follow process stated and update you all a little later.


To each of your that responded to my query, much gratitude for your advice. I have managed to publish the website…However encountered another a problem; alignment issues. When I was previewing site - it showed everything centred but large spaces around images and content. Now when I check website via my smartphone, pages not centred and everything misaligned. I have since ticked the + on all of the device sizes and saved and rechecked but nothing has changed. I will read through the tutorial again for this and if I still cannot solve, I’ll reach out for your help.

@Annette, If you are viewing your site in the latest Google Chrome browser it might be the cause of your alignment issues. I have had issues just off late when testing on it. All the other browsers works as should.

If not the browser have you physically aligned (page elements like images, content containers, etc…) your tablet and mobile layouts after hitting the “+” in the Sparkle canvas? When your hit “+” Sparkle will proportionately reduce your site to the smaller device but you have to go in and make sure everything presents well for the smaller device.

I am getting the same error message you were getting about the selected folder is not published to … (your website name). I am transferring from one host to FastComet. My folder screen looks the same as this one. How did you get past the error message?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Cathy. I restarted and followed advice and input host Server name plus password etc. Initially, it said error but I saw a next button which I pressed and it started published process - was slow.

Thanks Annette. I keep pressing Next but keep getting the same error message. I am trying to set up on a new hosting platform. I keep thinking that may be part of the problem. I sent an email to Duncan.

Sorry Cathy, hopefully you’ll get answer from someone.