Problems with Sparkle 5.1

I have been having some difficulties that seem to have appeared with 5.1. In Sparkle my menu bar is perfectly centered and when I do a preview it is was well, but when the site is downloaded to the server, the menu is always off center to the left. I’ve tried all sorts of things, such as changing browsers, redoing the menu completely and it just won’t center. See images the first is the preview and the second is the internet site. Also whenever I open a text ball the text size is always 45. I don’t remember it doing that before.
One last question, here in Québec, Canada we have a new law that is the equivalent of the GDPR, so I have set up the confidentiality page and it works well. The question I have is what exactly happens when you press the refuse button?
My internet site is

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No, it’s not always off center. Only some devices show this. Open Safari and check your site in the response view mode. Then check your settings/layouts for the different devices.

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No cookies will be accepted and stored on the visitors computer. That will affect pages with f.e. shop systems, newsletters and so on. They don’t work properly.

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It is either off center or not on my side. I can not see any possibility to change between devices on how to align a website.
On my browsers the site from the OP always seems to be centered:
It seems to be kind of a little off centerd by design on the PC-breakpoint 1200 and 960 but the site overall seems to look fine.

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Hello @DenisF, about the alignment issue, my guess is you have added a 1200 device but have been editing the 960 layout without reviewing the 1200 one. Over time the two have slightly drifted apart.

When editing multiple custom device layouts you need to switch between them, and understand how preview works in terms of showing the current layout vs the “all devices” layout.

You should be able to fix it by removing the custom 1200 layout (for example setting it to “automatically scaled”).

About the cookie banner, its main effect is to not load third party content, like @Mr_Fozzie mentions, so if the site visitor refuses third party cookies they will necessarily not see any third party integration such as embedded youtube videos, instagram images, embed content, etc. But if you don’t have any of that there really will be no visual difference.

Thanks it worked silly of me… :grinning:

Thanks Duncan, is there a reason why when I put in a text box the font size is always 45?

That’s hard to say without seeing the project. It can be “normal” (a side effect of how text scaling across devices works in Sparkle) if you aren’t using text styles properly.

Since menus and buttons don’t have styles, that can unfortunately happen if you first add an element on the mobile layout.

But you say “text ball”… I assume text box? In that case it might simply be how the text style is saved. Change it and click “Apply” to save it. The text size in the style is per-device, so you would need to switch to each device, size the text, then click apply.

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Hey, you have a nicely done sales page. I was wondering if you did the whole site in Sparkle?

No the sales page is a design from my internet provider. Makes it easier to modify, and keep track of the different objects, price and clients