Product Landing Page, made with Sparkle

Hello all,

Actually, I have already made many pages with Sparkle. However, I like this one very much. There is a small animation in the middle of the page (don’t scroll too fast). The page is bilingual (German and French). I would have many suggestions for the multilingualism in Sparkle. As well as to the integrated map if more than one location is to be captured (maybe I’ll write that in another post).

Have fun looking at it. ARTURIA MicroFreak Stellar de

I also like this one: ARTURIA MiniFreak de
and this: Waldorf Quantum MK2 Deutsch


I see you have had some fun @Andy! Well done and the space animations looks great! :slight_smile: :clap:

Just on your Gallery… The active state of your dots are black against a black background. Could do with some TLC.

Thanks for your feedback! TCL stands for…?
In Sparkle, I can only change the color for the selcted dot (not the others, they are always dark). I may put a bright box underneath, but that looks not …

Ok, I did it now with LR arrows. Thats more use full. Thanks for the hint.

Hi :wave:t2:

Great website!

You just forgot to modify the title “Swiss Artists und ihre Arbeit mit ARTURIA” on the French section of the site.

For multilingual websites, I recommend creating two separate projects and hosting the two sites separately on the same server. It’s easier to manage in Sparkle and much better for SEO. For example, you can host each project on a subdomain like or Alternatively, you can host them in a folder after the main directory of your hosting, resulting in URLs like or The second method is also feasible with both sites within a single project, but I still recommend two separate projects.

Note that it is possible to easily drag and drop a page from one project to another :blush:

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Thanks for your Feedback! I’ll think about that.

May a have to mention, that the real big (giant) multilingual Site I did with Sparkle is this:

Especially the Menu for responsive menus in multiple languages takes a lot effort.

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Would be great in new versions of sparkle to have more customization abilities with arrows and dots and its hover and active states. Size is just one issue and frames/borders - arrows and dots, for me are way to small and should be able to customize different in its breakpoints/devices.
We will se what’s coming up.

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I see it exactly the same way.

I am very excited about the upcoming version.

Thanks a lot for the hint!

You’re welcome :blush: And sorry for the original message, ChatGPT sometimes struggles with translation, and I didn’t take the time to proofread it… :rofl:

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Awesome parallax! Definitely email about your ideas about multilingualism in Sparkle, we’re all ears :slight_smile:

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