Publish Error, slow upload

This is the first time that I have encountered a Publish Error warning. I need advice to resolve the problem. I am using a MAC on system 10.13.6. Since the last time that I published an update to my web site, I have upgraded my Sparkle Pro to 4.0.5.

When my error occurred, I first contacted my hosting provider. I was informed that everything was fine on their end. I am using the proper settings, and uploading should be normal. I checked the upload speed of my internet through my provider and it is normal. I uploaded some other types of large files and they uploaded normally within a normal amount of time.

My most recent change to my web site seemed very minor, I changed some text in a couple of text boxes and reformatted the size of the text boxes in portrait and another view.

The major symptom is that the time for uploading has increased ten fold or more. It takes 10 or 15 minutes just to load my index page. I let the upload process run all night and it was still only half uploaded by morning. I let it run the rest of the day until late that evening. I can read on the progress bar that each file is being uploaded sequentially. At the end of the process I finally got a Publish Error warning message.

I’ve tried uploading several more times. I’ve stopped the process each time after several hours of extremely slow uploading. I can see that the upload process is progressing to some extent, because when I look at my web site on the internet, several pictures are missing from my index page even though they still exist on my Sparkle program file. I did a few quick checks on other pages within my web site, and I didn’t see any other problems.

I’ve been very happy with Sparkle. It has made my life much easier since I can build and maintain my own web site. I hope that my issue is something easy to remedy.

thanks in advance.


You should contact Duncan (feedback@s…) and send him the Spakle log file by email. You can find it in Sparkle under → Help → Log File

Nobody here in the forum will be able to solve your problem.

Mr. F.

Hi Ryan,

I would suggest to publish your site locally and than upload the content of the local folder to your hosting location and see if it also takes so long.

btw: you could also first try to setup an sftp connection to your hosting server, and try to upload/copy some files to the server and see how long it takes.

Your provider may say there’s nothing wrong, but i personally always like to check if there’s something wrong at my site (the issue may not necessarily be with the app)


So in your cause i would make sure that from 2 to 4 are working properly, before thinking it could be 1.

Hope the above make some sense. Please don’t hesitate to reachout if you need more explanation about the above

Agreed. Also web host support is known to lie, mostly out of incompetence, sometimes for their metrics.

Thanks for your suggestions. It turned out that the problem was indeed at my hosting server’s end. They were helpful though, and the issues were finally resolved.