Publish only one page of an entire site

Hi guys,

I have an old website on which I need to apply a change to only one page due to legal changes.
For some reasons, I created this website on my old mac and on the new macbook air the same files shows many presentation problem on some pages.
It would be a HUGE amount of time to rebuild everything.

How can I just publish the page that needed texts changes on which I have no presentation errors and keep intact by not publishing all the other “old” pages?
Can I juste export locally the site and pick only a portion of it (the one page) and filezilla it to the server?

Will this work and keep the rest intact online?

I know I’ll have to go deep into this at some point for future updates but for this quick fix I need to go fast, has the law goes!


Hi there.

With Sparkle you can not do this. When publishing a project, ALL pages are generated and uploaded.

This is how i would do it:
get a FTP program / App (like Filezilla)
log into your website
download the page that needs the changes
use a text editor (like CotEditor) and apply the changes
upload the page back to the place it needs to be

Mr. F.

Thanks, that was my guess but was missing the name of the tools.
If I upload the page back it will have again all the style css etc if I only change the text?

Sound cool!

I am assuming that.

Mr. F.

It worked Fine!