Publish to local storage problem

Hi all,

Hopefully some one can help, here’s my problem/confusing:
When i click on the “Publish” button for the 1st time i get the following windows:
Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 14.16.22
On the next window:

i choose Export to disk, after selecting (or creating) a folder, i click on “Save& Export” button

BUT the next time i want to publish it i get the below screen instead!
why? i don’t have any sensitive data so there’s no need for any protection!

@wolfferine Sparkle 4 now comes with added security.

I’m not sure about exporting to disk, but because you have moved into the export and/or publish phase the Sensitive Data Migration function kicks in. I would say because you have a folder selected that is the reason Sensitive Data Migration function kicked in…


Hi Hendrik, thanks for your reply, appreciate.

But imho this is for this situation completely pointless, cause (as i said before) i don’t need any protection for this project - there should be an option to skip this step.
Unfortunately, in this particular case i experience it as an annoyances :frowning:


I just red the documentation about Sensitive Data:link::

Sensitive ‍Data ‍Storage

Some ‍data ‍that ‍is ‍stored ‍in ‍your ‍project ‍file ‍shouldn’t ‍be ‍easily ‍accessed ‍by ‍everyone ‍opening ‍the ‍project ‍file, ‍it’s ‍“sensitive ‍data” ‍because ‍it ‍contains ‍login ‍and ‍password ‍information. ‍This ‍data ‍is ‍stored ‍in ‍the ‍project ‍protected ‍by ‍a ‍password. ‍From ‍this ‍control ‍panel ‍you ‍can ‍set ‍and ‍change ‍that ‍password.

But i never entered any login/password!
So is this “works as designed” or is it a bug?

As I mentioned I wasn’t totally sure about the reason it kicks in for export to disk.
The only thing I can think of is that you have a folder address stored in Sparkle.

I’m sure @duncan will add further clarification…

This is what I understand:
In the Sparkle project file can be stored Id and Psw of your FTP server considered as confidential data.
If you give your project file to another person on another Mac, they may connect to the server unexpectedly.
The project password is used to prevent this. Only people who know the password will be able to publish. It’s a good thing.
On your own Mac it is saved in the MacOs keychain so you won’t have to fill it in every time, and above all you will not have to remember it :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Clearly there’s no point if you’re only exporting to disk as a sandbox. But it’s harmless.

@Steph appreciate your reply, but as i mentioned - this project is only being publish locally (to local storage). There are no references to any remote storage like a webserver whatsoever, so again if there’s no sensitive data present in the project than what’s the point of the window requesting to enter a password.

Furthermore why doesn’t it request to enter a password if you publish it for the 1st time ?!?!

Yes we noticed, it’s a very minor issue, we’ll get around to fixing it.

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Thanks Duncan!
Appreciate your info