Published text color not matching chosen color

When I publish, the text color is still yellow, instead of red. Also the menu is not displaying correctly.

How do I fix this?

I had the same problem, but worse. Some of my black text turned to yellow when I opened the Sparkle file!

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Did you import the site @jakearrr?
I mean it is your original site and you have fine-tuned it in Sparkle.

No, I made it using Sparkle with the air balloon Sparkle theme. Yellow was the default text color.

Did you just change the font colour swatch? or did you go into the font style panel and change the colour swatch to red and then “apply changes”?

Where is the problem?
When i go to your freedom website, the text is red, not yellow.

Mr. F.

Thank you, it is now loading the red text for me.

I went into the font style panel and clicked “apply changes”

It’s now displaying correctly on my machine.

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I think this is a case of the page needing refreshing in your browser after publishing changes.