Publishing a shared document


I’ve been sharing a Sparkle document via iCloud for over 6 months now.

Everything has been going fine.

Recently my colleague has said that they cannot publish their changes and are receiving an error message that they cannot publish are shared document with their version of Sparkle.

They have Sparkle One.

This has not been a problem before. Has there been a change to Sparkle One or is more a simple case of user error?


Nothing changed that would affect that.

Thanks! That was my suspicion. :+1:

@Chris, has your colleague worked it out and back into being able to publish the shared document?

Client has not got back to me yet, keeping in mind I’ve been waiting for instructions for urgent significant updates since December and then February and then April and now June, all while telling their clients it’s my fault. I don’t think I’m going to hear from them soon - basically until their next crisis.

This was my first live sparkle job where I started out sharing with Dropbox. It’s been a great experiment because it has helped me learn how to deal all sorts of problems, most of which don’t actually exist.

Ironically, I just signed someone else up to the Sparkle App yesterday and could honestly say to them; I built my first web site in 1996, and Sparkle is the first site builder that I have not had one major problem with since using it.


@Chris, I think it is a common problem and in the end I have just hardened up a bit more about it. I mean we try our best but someone has to be blamed! Sorry to hear that they are doing it to you! :frowning:

I think the Sparkle file sharing is a great idea which I have a client now doing just over 3 weeks - no drama yet, fingers-crossed!

Wow, I think I have been at it for 15 years now… oh boy, when I say it out loud that is a reeeeeeally long time! And like yourself, Sparkle has been the most stable web design platform I have ever used and the security is second to non!

Keep up your great work! :slight_smile: