Publishing changes only

It used to be possible to either upload the whole site each time or choose to upload only changed pages.

The changed pages only option is no longer there, has it been removed?

Only changes are transferred now. There was one last edge case that we fixed in 2.8.2.

Thanks for the speedy reply Duncan.

We thought the whole site was uploading as the info bar goes through all the items being uploaded and this includes things that have not been changed.

It even does it if we change just one word on one page

There’s a new section on publishing performance at the bottom of the publishing documentation page, which explains some things that are not intuitive.
If Sparkle re-uploads a jpeg or a mp4 then that’s a bug. If it re-uploads an html/css/js file it’s expected.

Thanks for that. Will have a read through :slight_smile:

Since installing the latest version, I did a few minor changes on my site and have been trying to publish for over three hours now :frowning:
It’s apparently uploading everything again but at snail pace.
Should I reinstall or is this a bug 58 ?

Reinstalling changes nothing. When that publish is done do the following:

  • publish one more time
  • use the “send publish log via email” from the help menu

This will let us take a look and understand the issue.

I haven’t managed to publish at all so far, so one more time is not an option.
It’s been nearly 4 hours since I started and at one stage it stopped with a “can’t publish, start again” notice.

Alright so do the send publish log.