Publishing information

I’m working on 2 different Mac, if I do the publishing information setting on one Mac and then I do the same on the second Mac and publish, I lost the setting on the first Mac. It seems that the information is not stored on both Macs at the same time. Is this happen to you ?

@harfang, This information I think can be of help to you - Site Settings | Sparkle Documentation The piece on “Sensitive ‍Data ‍Storage”.

It looks like if you assign a username and password to your Sparkle project file then you shouldn’t have any issues with the sensitive stored information being accessible on another Mac…

Perhaps you are still using Sparkle 3? This problem has been addressed in Sparkle 4, like @FlaminFig mentions it’s stored in the project file and encrypted using the “sensitive data storage” password (though not a username! password only).