Publishing Problems

HI there, I have been trying to publish a site using the export to disk destination, but toward the end of the compiling, it always fail, and output the following error:
Sparkle was unable to upload the files. Please verify your settings and retry

Of course doing so, it always fail, and the settings are the same as before. I am not sure how to solve this. Is there a log to lookup and diagnose where the problem is?

I also have tried repeatedly to export to FTP, but I never seems to be able to connect to my Ftp account on my web host. But that’s another issue. Right now, I need to export and upload manually the site to my host, which worked well in the past. But this persistent problem is frustrating.

The only difference this time with a site I designed, is that I added Ecwid as an ecom platform. I added the store ID in the settings. Could that be the issue?

••• UPDATE •••
As of this morning, a restart seems to have solved the problem.
Thank you!