Publishing video

may you please explain why , when I try to publish video on my web site , they can be read ?

Hi Rollanpa, there may be several reasons this can happen. 1. You may have moved the videos to a new location so Sparkle can’t see them anymore. You may have moved the sparkle file and it can’t see the videos anymore. Have you included them in your Sparkle file or are they stored in their original position? Try relinking one or two files and re-uploading.

Thank a lot I will try now.
But I complicate my video are apple “photos” so if I export them each time, the size of my disk space will shrink

OK, your English isn’t great but I’m guessing you are using videos from Apple’s Photo app. From the Photos window, drag each video to a folder of your choice, then add the video to your Sparkle file and then publish.