Publishing website from sparkle to known host site

Hi there. I really need help. I built a website with Sparkle and each time I try to publish it, an error comes up. It just says “couldn’t connect. check settings”.

I asked the WebHost about my trouble and they mentioned that the app is attempting to connect via plaintext connections which the web host does not allow on shared hosting servers.

Please help.

Is anyone using knownhost and sparkle together?

Sparkle attempts a few different connection protocols when attempting to detect the connection.

This in some cases triggers a web host that blocks you for an hour or a day.

You can change this by setting the specific protocol they require (opening the advanced settings in the publishing setup).

You might still need to wait for their firewall to unblock you.

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for the heads up. However, I have been trying to login a couple of times now. I even tried to establish a different ftp account to try again. I tried using FileZilla as well but it won’t load.

When I manage to be unblocked from the cPanel server I still could not publish to the web.

The support team from the web host said I should check if Sparkle uses TLSv1.2 cipher. Does it?

If FileZilla doesn’t let you in it’s a sign their firewall is blocking you. Often times that is not under the control of the support staff. You can only wait.

Yes sparkle supports TLS1.2, and TLS1.3 as a separate setting (due to incompatibility of some web hosts).

Thank you! I will wait for now.