Q: Element Design Across Breakpoints

Simple question I can’t find an answer to:

I have a button with a border on the WidePC breakpoint. In the Portrait smartphone breakpoint that border is too thick. If I adjust the thickness on the smartphone version will it affect the WidePC version?

Are all elements such as this “connected” thoughout or do specific design elements stay separated by breakpoint type?

@producerguyaz, A good question!

All elements and how you lay it out are per breakpoint including the font styles, etc… unless you have the font style synchronised across the breakpoints. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Aha! That might solve my problem; one text color doesn’t work on all breakpoints, so I need to NOT synchronize them so I can make independent changes based on display type.

Most settings are shared currently, text size is independent and if you uncheck the “synchronize text attributes” in the devices popup, other text properties are also independent.

Critically for multi-device layout, text styles are always common across devices, but contain different settings for each device.

We will be improving this over time, for now if you need to have a different setting on different devices the workaround is to duplicate the element and use the “show on this device” checkbox to hide the element selectively, you then have two (or more) elements that can each have a custom border or other setting.