Question about email addresses and forms

Quick question everyone…can forms be sent to multiple email addresses via the send form button?

Yes @ShawnBullard311 it is possible.
If you go to your input container called “To email address” and behind the first email you place a comma + space and then you just enter your next email of destination. Of course if you want a third or a 4th you would do the same.

For me I have only used it for two email destinations which worked flawlessly. I haven’t tried it for more than two but that is where you come in and do the testing! :slight_smile:

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Actually it’s a bit more nuanced. The address you enter in the “To” is going to be sent to the email deliver specified next, either the “Email via web server” or “Custom SMTP server”, so it depends on what they do.

Generally the “Email via web server” is more tolerant, and will accept a comma separating the email addresses (the space I think is already not working with some servers).

Conversely when emailing via the custom SMTP server, Sparkle’s code connects your web server directly to the mail server, and talks the SMTP protocol, and the SMTP protocol doesn’t allow for multiple email addresses, so there is actually no syntax that would work.

In the second scenario, that some web hosting platforms essentially force you into, the only solution is to have a forwarding mailbox on the destination email server.