Question about resizing text

Hi everyone!
I would ask you about the text’s resizing when switch from “Pc layout” to “Vertical Smartphone”.
Google report me that my “vertical smartphone” version of my website is not usable (the buttons are not clickable, the texts are to small to be read etc).
Are there any suggestion to set up the font size permanently (so I have not to resize each time I turn off the layouts when I modify the site in the “PC” layout’s version)?
Hope you understand me…

This is the site in question if you need it
Thank you

Ciao @ElenaR!

You should not be deleting the smartphone layout at all. That’s causing the settings to be lost.

After changing your desktop layout, switch to the mobile layout and check what you changed, then adapt it for smartphone.

If you save the text size to a named style (“body”, “heading” etc), that style will keep the size, so any text you add will already be in the correct size on mobile. You will only need to move things around to make space for it.