Question Using with i phone

Hallo sparkle Family…

Iam from Leipzig / Germany

I have a Problem .

I Build a Website for My Restaurant With sparkle.
Normaly i Update the side From Home with My Mac Book.

Now we bought a icecream Maschine And Start
Selling ice.
We have normal Open and close times.
But sometimes the Weather is soo Good that i Can Open earlyer But Nobody know it.

My idea… i create on the webside a Signal lamp.
Lamp on - ice selling open
Lamp off - ice selling close
So the People Can look at the Website fast and See if Open or close.

Problem NOW … Can i Update this lamp for Switching on / off with My Phone?
Or i Need everytime My MacBook?
How it Works with iPhone?

Hope ist for Understand.

Sorry for My englisch :blush:

Nice Day

@Organic_79, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

That is a great idea and one that would definitely have your clients know if you are selling or not.
Unfortunately Sparkle doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad… it is desktop/laptop based on macOS.

Maybe you can use on of the social media elements (twitter, facebook, or instagram) and embed it into your Sparkle website and then you can use your iPhone to update your feed that patrons will see on your website? Maybe others here can give you further suggestions?..

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A possibility would be to have those two images on the server, but have Sparkle by default linking to the closed picture. Then use an iPhone app that can read and edit the html page that contains that picture to change the link. But of course, every time you update your website, it will turn back to the original picture. But you are closed anyway, when you’re sitting behind your computer.

Not ideal, but it’s a work-around.