Re-Branding & Sparkle Helped

To celebrate my second-lease on this life after surviving a motorcyle accident this summer I decided to re-brand my company. And using Sparkle to revise and boost the site was nothing short of stellar and super-easy - as always.

Don’t know enough about V4 to know if I’m on pins and needles about it, but I’m sure it will have cool new features. Like that “center alignment” tool I’ve been dreaming about!! hahaha

Thanks again Duncan for a fabulous tool that so far still has no match in Mac-Land.

Cheers - and happy holidays to all.


Wala!! me han gustado mucho algunas fotos. Enhorabuena por tu trabajo y trayectoria, me ha gustado leer “TENÍA que hacerlo bien, la primera vez, en la cámara”!! me siento totalmente identificada con aquella época, donde yo también comencé.
Saludos. Yo mejoraría el empaste de colores en el index, menos adornos, texto más pequeño e imágenes más grandes.

English, please. haha

I’m actually going to completely redesign the site, so you can comment soon…


Google translator! :joy:
Purpose of the new year? I am looking forward to seeing it become a reality.
Good and wise decision. :wave: :wave: :wave:

Congrats on your new lease on life. Great work on the rebrand. One very small suggestion. Make the hamburger icon white, rather than the default grey. Included one for you. Png. Background transparency.

The site is being completely redone, the hamburger is gone. Will post final soon.

It’s a constant work-in-progress, but finally released the latest version of the re-branding.

It’s a close as I’ve come to my ultimate goal: Simple and Elegant:


Wow, nice done mate.
Btw - just loved reading your “about” section.

Nice work. I like it. And the text is big enough that one can use on a phone variant as well.
I think you wanted one size only for phone viewing which you accomplished.
Remember even a simple phone variant will help your SEO.
A fine job!

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Nobody noticed (or chose not to mention) that I goofed with the mic image; it scrolls *above the menu bar up top instead of underneath like everything else. Gotta fix that… although it does look kinda cool that it’s different.

To your comment Woodrow, I don’t rely on SEO to do my sales-work. I found the hours spent trying to “optimize” a site is better spent making direct contact with potential clients rather than “hope and pray” that the SEO is done right. What can I say, I’m old school. However for my upcoming project I will absolutely HAVE to get SEO done right, but for that I’ll rely on an expert.

To me SEO is exactly like AfterEffects: A specialty all it’s own and the people who do it are rocket scientists. I’m just a guy who wants a ride on the rocket. haha

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