Recent Rapidweaver refugee

I’d been dealing with hassles using Rapidweaver for the past year (forever really, but especially recently) and started looking around for alternatives. Tried Sparkle and absolutely love it! I’m not a pro-web builder, just an artist trying to make nice online portfolios. I’d used Rapidweaver for over a decade and before that simple software like iWeb. So, I needed something for a novice and Sparkle made it so simple and intuitive. The sites also load so much faster now!

I’m sure many here are more advanced and can get into coding and complex builds so my website(s) are tame by comparison but I’m happy with how they turned out!

My portfolio website:
Website for my last movie:

If you have the time to browse the sites let me know if you see any issues. I only have a few browsers on my system to test on and for mobile I just have a tine old iPhone so would love to hear your feedback.

And, thanks so much to Sparkle and their whole team for making web building possible for people like me without the hassle!

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Welcome Geophrian to the Sparkle community :slight_smile:
Well done on the website builds. I have only had a quick look at your portfolio site, it’s nicely done but I think you should invert the txt to display white against the black background when hovering over the main menu etc

I too came from Rapidweaver.


Great site! Simple and readable and it just works. On the screenwriter page the image for one of the videos is just slightly over the text (in Safari). Doesn’t ruin the site at all. Just if you want to be pedantic. Well done!

Hello and welcome! :wave:t2:

It’s excellent work, whether it’s for the websites or your creations, congratulations!

The only thing that could be improved, I think, is the menu on the first website. On PC, I find the menu too narrow (and thus more difficult to access with the cursor). On mobile, the buttons are also very small, including the cross to close the menu. Here’s how it looks on an iPhone X: