Redirect Error after Requesting Google Search to Scan and Index Site


I’ve published a very simple single page website (multi page site if you include the privacy page) and it is being hosted on a third party hosting provider. After hosting the website, I signed up and requested a site scan and index to be performed, using the Google Search Console. After the scan, I received a report indicating that the site cannot be indexed because of a Redirect Error.

I decided to look into what a Redirect Error means, and here’s where the Learn More link displayed:

Redirect error

Google experienced one of the following redirect errors:

  • A redirect chain that was too long
  • A redirect loop
  • A redirect URL that eventually exceeded the max URL length
  • A bad or empty URL in the redirect chain

Use a web debugging tool such as Lighthouse to get more details about the redirect.

Before going down the Lighthouse rabbit hole, where are redirects used? I have no “links” in my web site that redirect it to any other site? Is this an artifact of the web site build process that Sparkle uses? How can I fix this error?

Thank you for any help.


Hi @m_src, no it’s not due to the Sparkle coding.

What’s the address of the site?

Hi @duncan


I don’t see anything wrong with it, pagespeed is giving is a 100 mobile/100 desktop. The search console warning must be referring to something old.

Ok I can submit another crawl/index request and see what happens. I’ll report back if issues persist.

Thanks for looking at my reported issues. I really appreciate it.