Referring page?

Is there a way to know the page within your Sparkle site that the visitor came from?

Overall, this would provide the means to know how your visitors are walking through your site. For example, you may assume a path a visitor may take but if you knew the referring pages within your site, you would know the actual path(s) taken and perhaps redesign your site accordingly.

Another use case is associated with a Contact page. I am creating a blog site. I want to know what blog post generated the click on the Contact menu option. This would provide me with context behind the email I receive.

I am being specific by asking within my site as opposed to referring pages from outside my site. I am assuming that Google Analytics will tell me where my marketing efforts are paying off and where visitors are coming from into my site and specifically where within my site.

Yes @DaverD you assume correctly…
Google Analytics can do all that and more.