Remove sparkle from domain

How do I remove sparkle from my web domain?

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your problem.

Sparkle is not married to your domain. I assume you two are no longer best friends and a separation is on the horizon.

Then do the following:
Export your project to disk
Delete Sparkle
Delete the project
Delete all files in the webspace (FTP program required)
Find another editor and rebuild the page (perhaps by importing the files created in step 1)

But first of all I would think about it again. Sparkle is really good and is getting better and better.

Happy New Year!
Mr. F.


We’ll be sorry to see you go!

Just a thought - is this just the “Made with Sparkle” branding of the free version being displayed? If so, then buy a subscription or licence and this will be removed.

As @Mr_Fozzie says there is not much, other than writing HTML, CSS and Javascript yourself that beats Sparkle at this price point. If you made your site with an older free version then the latest version of Sparkle is much much better.