Removing excess background margins

Hello - new user here. I’ve been playing around with Sparkle for a while. My main issue that I have is figuring out how to get rid if the excess background margins while using Sparkle rather than editing the coding afterwards. Every page I’ve created centers the background image and has about 20 to 30% blank area on both sides. That’s a lot of extra space that could be used. If there is an easy way to do this it would be really helpful to know how. Also, if this has been addressed elsewhere here, please point me in the direction to find it. Thanks!

Hi @emburke, welcome!

Sorry but I’m not quite sure what your setup is. When setting an image as box background of a full width box it will cover the whole page width, though depending on the image stretch setting it can also only “fill” the image.

If you can show a screenshot of the settings of the box or image perhaps that helps in figuring it out.

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Thanks - I think I figured it out with your help!

Sparkle works on the fixed-width responsive design framework, not “fluid-width”.

As Duncan mentioned you have Wideboxes that reach beyond the page’s set width. Also the Image Gallery set to full page width will fill your browser out.
You can also use Popups to have elements appear beyond the page’s fixed-width.

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Thank you for the clarification. It’s very much appreciated!

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