Removing .html extension for cleaner URLs

Hi there,

I tried to publish a test website by leaving the .html extension in the custom page name and also by deleting it. Both approaches worked alternately:

For example:
Leaving the .html extension:

• worked
• did not work

Deleting the .html extension:

• worked
• did not work

Now I am wondering if I could simply delete the .html extension to gain a clean URL, or if there might be some implications?


the safest and easier way to get clean urls is to set the page inside a folder, and then rename the page to index.html

lets say you want the url to be

to achieve this, you’d create the folder pagename, and the actual page name would be index.html.

Its super easy within Sparkle, just tick the folder box below the page name and then rename it!


Thank you!
So just to be clear every page name that I place in folder would be index.html


For example:

and so on?

There is an official docu to this:

Thank you, I just needed a second confirmation about this. :slight_smile: