Reorganizing gallery

I don’t know if the problem comes from my computer or Sparkle, but moving my pictures around the gallery to put them in numerical order is a nightmare. For ex. I want to modifiy or replace one picture -let’s say pic # 026 (as the file’s name) - I first remove it from the gallery, then add the new one. Doing so, the new picture lands at the end of the list, not in the #026 place. Ok, no big deal. So I now attempt to drag it to its #026 position and that’s when the trouble starts. Dragging it up or down moves so fast that I have to painstakingly drag it from one spot to the next, one by one, until I reach the correct placement. Is that normal? THanks!

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I think it’s best to explain this issue you are having to @duncan at

I do see the incredibly fast scroll speed when you drag an item to the top or bottom edge of the list, but it’s the normal autoscroll speed the system applies. It’s more about how to use macOS than a specific Sparkle thing we have the ability to affect.

I think a better way to do that is to use click+drag to initiate the drag, and then use the scroll wheel (or scroll gesture) to move up and down the list.

With regard to this issue, what if you implemented the “Replace image” feature seen in single images…
Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 9.23.52 AM
in the slide show? Choose an image in the slide show list and offer an option to replace that one.

That would be one helpful solution. Wondering if anyone else has the same issue, though. Anoother ‘solution’ would be reorganizing the folder in my computer then removing the old one from the website and adding the new one, but not very practical when you update your slideshow often. Let’s see if someone else has another tip. Thx!

That helps a lot! I have also set my external mouse to the slowest scroll speed. Thanks Duncan!!!