Request: Expiration date for blog posts


For the blog, the following feature seems to make sense to me: Entering an expiration date, at which the post automatically disappears from the blog index. Whether the page should then also be deleted completely, you have to check.

So far you can only manually exclude a post from the index. For entries that are limited in time, for example events, sales campaigns, registration periods and so on, it would be helpful to be able to set an end date.

So you don’t have to keep it otherwise on deadline to remove the post.
Make the expiration date a smart field for the blog (insert it when needed).

Mr. F.

I guess I can see the reasoning behind it @Mr_Fozzie, but why would you use a blog for events, sales campaigns, registration periods, etc…?


Not exclusively for this.
For example, on my golf page in the news. I advertise a trip, but it can only be booked until date X. After that the entry should disappear.

Mr. F.

Maybe a popup on a timer would be a better option, or a page with a timer?..
I don’t know. I don’t usually see time sensitive advertising on blog posts but then that is not a hard and fast rule either.


Your thoughts on this made me take a closer look at the smart field “Countdown”.


Countdown ‍effect: This ‍Smart ‍Field ‍shows ‍a ‍countdown ‍in ‍the ‍browser. ‍It ‍will ‍count ‍down ‍to ‍a ‍target ‍date ‍or ‍count ‍a ‍fixed ‍number ‍of ‍seconds, ‍it ‍supports ‍various ‍formats. When ‍the ‍countdown ‍expires, ‍it ‍will ‍perform ‍an ‍action: ‍go ‍to ‍a ‍website ‍page;

Now the question is, does this only work for a published page? Is this like a “redirect” when the time is up but the page is still live? This would then be a brilliant replacement solution for timed offers or the like.

HEUREKA! Even in preview - this does the job.

Mr. F.


Great to hear @Mr_Fozzie! :slight_smile: