Responsive Images/Boxes?

Hello -
Is it possible (within Sparkle) to set up images (or other boxes) to automatically adapt with browser window size? Many sites includes this feature. That is, if one expands the browser window in width, images either reveal more of themselves, or stretch to continue filling the space.

Here is an example of a site that does this:

Thank you.

The effect is achieved by setting the image as a background to a wide (full page width) box on the page.

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Or did you mean in width and height?

Is it possible in height, too?

Sparkle is what you call fixed-width (adaptive) responsive.
For example if you have a 1200 device and a 960 device and you then have your browser window accommodate the 1200. Once you scale down your browser nothing will really change until you reduce the width down to 960. As @francbrowne mentions things like the background image set to full width will do some sort of scaling.

The example your show @Philosopher is what you call fluid width responsive where the one website layout scales as per the breakpoints it encounters as either the browser is scaled down or the site finds itself on smaller screen devices.

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The example hero height is exactly as the browser window height.
Is that possible with Sparkle (without coding)?

Unfortunately not at this stage @saber1ā€¦
I would love this as a feature, but Sparkle 6 is on the horizon so Iā€™m keeping my fingers and toes crossed! :slight_smile:

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