Retrieve "cleared" sites from Sparkle

I made the mistake of hitting “clear” on my Sparkle app and all my sites went away.

I was working too fast and was trying to delete some of my practice work. Is there really no way to get these back? All that work is gone forever? Seems evil. Yes I have files to re-build but wow!

I have files on one of the sites that got lost…Including

index.html which when clicked opens in a browser window and the whole site is there with links and all. Is there a way to make easy work somehow with this in Sparkle?

Welcome Dennis,

If you store your Sparkle files on your mac HD, you can recover them with Time Machine, if you have Time Machine turned on.

If you store your Sparkle files in iCloud, you can log into iCloud via Safari and restore recently deleted items. iCloud usually keeps recently deleted items for 30 days.


I already answered your support email (please use only a single channel), it is most likely that you have cleared the list of recently opened files.

There’s no sparkle command to delete files from disk (or other evil). Seriously, why would we even have that.