Road Map for Sparkle 5

@duncan As you’ve mentioned an upcoming Sparkle 5 in your Black Friday promotion, is there anything you can say about potential new features in Sparkle 5, or general opportunities for innovation within Sparkle that are top-of-mind for you at the moment?

Sorry @mOehlschlager, Duncan doesn’t discuss timing and new features until they are released. I know, I have been asking along the way but have learn’t patience! :pensive:

I can tell you that the release of Sparkle V4 was massive!!!
So very hopeful Sparkle V5 will be likewise. I have a good feeling about a new featured image gallery, but alas I will have to be patient to find out…


Yeah we don’t discuss roadmaps, for various reasons discussed previously.

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Would like a slider creation tool. Same sparkle elements with some layout blocks that could slide, that would be amazing.