RSS feed for podcast

I need to create a RSS feed for my podcast and integrate into the website.
Any pointers appreciated.

Hi @ABoisvert, there is currently no integration in Sparkle, you can generate the RSS feed using an app for that, and upload it to the same domain, next to the Sparkle website.


Any plan for integrating RSS?
I know it’s a bit touchy with the code.

I use Feeder 3 for creating and posting the XML file that’s needed for RSS feeds. It’s available on the Mac App Store.

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Thanks for the idea.
I will end up writing it.

Is there any way to see the page code so I could integrate my RSS feed into it?

I have Feeder publish the XML file to “feed.xml”. You can see it wherever you choose to publish it to. I then link to that file from our website. See; the RSS link is in the footer.

Thanks again. I’m looking more into something I can manage.