Running a Sparkle exported website from microSD card on Android phone

I have a large Sparkle built training website (250+ videos) that I distribute on USB sticks for using on PCs. This works fine. I also want to run the same site from microSD cards on Android phones. The more recent versions of Android OS do not allow the browsers to access microSD cards. Does anyone have any ideas how I could get this running without too much Android app development?

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Unfortunately, I can’t help you there. However, I see another problem: newer smartphones no longer allow SD cards (quasi as memory expansion). This means that you can not insert the card in the first place.

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There are USB drives compatible with smartphones. However, since I’m not familiar with Android, I can’t guarantee 100% that it would work.

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A silly question, but why not host your website to make it more easily accessible to everyone?

If it should be offline available, why not try and send them the file like you do now with USB but as a folder with its html?

May need some advanced users to know how to locate the folder and the “index.html” but that should be the same from USB, shouldn’t it?

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